Why storage space in a house is essential!

Internal storage in a home is vital for creating a clutter-free, organised home. However, it is often one of the last things to be considered when building, or renovating your own home, and many new builds now have less storage then ever. Here are some ways of building storage into your new, or existing home!

Most people don't like clutter and these days achieving a clutter-free home can be challenging, especially as less and less new builds are being built with the luxury of plenty of storage. If you are designing a new space, whether it is extending or renovating your current home, or building a brand new home, you should definitely consider storage space before you proceed rather then as an afterthought. We have put together some ideas for built-in storage for you.

Make use of under the stairs!

Under the stairs is always a bit of an awkward space to find any real good use for so why not create some great storage here. You could create a space where you could hang coats and store shoes, which will then free up some hallway space, or you could turn it into a shelved area for keeping books, ornaments, and more.

Make further use of your walls....

.....and we don't mean by just adding a set of shelves on to them! Instead create alcoves into the walls, do this by creating the alcoves into the stud walls prior to plastering them.

Use bespoke fitted furniture!

Awkward spaces in a house could be put to better, more practical use. By getting bespoke furniture designed it not only puts every inch of available space to better use, but it also tends to be more pleasing to the eye. For example, getting wardrobes and drawers fitted into the eaves, when you have a loft conversation, allows for more space in the room.

The garage!

It is well known that garages can and do become the hot spot for clutter. If the garage isn't taken up by a car or other vehicle it is likely it is half full of boxes of items your not ready to get rid of, or garden furniture and items. However, by adding cabinets, wall and roof storage, you can turn that cluttered garage back into a spacious room once again. You could even alter its use and make part of it more useful, such as turning it in to a utility space also.

Build around or into windows and doors!

Window spaces, doors, and radiators can affect how usable a wall is, so why not build around them to gain your storage space.

Make the most of kitchen storage

Fitted units are the most popular choice for kitchen storage and getting a built-in design fitted can give your kitchen a sleeker look, and make a smaller room look bigger. Generally, kitchens are fitted with a mixture of base units and wall hung cupboards, leaving a space between for worktops. However, if you want to gain more storage consider full length units where you don't need work top space. Also Larder style units are a great addition for creating space too. Just make sure you plan early on where each unit is going so you can appropriately place sockets and switches.

As you can see there are plenty of places in your home you can add extra storage, either at the beginning when you build your new home or to add in if you are renovating your current home. It is important to remember though if adding storage in to a new build that you make sure you plan it in carefully before your build goes ahead to ensure it will work with the rest of your designs.

At our latest project, Beech Gardens in Halifax, we have ensured that internal storage is a key factor in our designs for our ten new build properties. We realise when building any of our new properties, how important having space to store all your belongings can be, so we ensure all our plans allow for that extra space.

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