The Attic - Sanctuary or Workplace, or both?

All to often, home-workers find themselves squeezing their home office or studio into a kitchen alcove, working on the dining room table (between meals, that is!) or even running a business from the corner of their bedrooms.

If you’re a self-employed artist, business owner or freelancer who works from home, you’ll likely be familiar with the challenge of finding a calm and productive space within your own home.

Needs must, of course, and when you’re starting a business on a small budget, it’s amazing how little you need to get things going. But as your business develops, so too will your workspace needs.

For those juggling family life or who don’t wish to hire an office or studio in town, perhaps the solution is right above your head.

If the space exists, an attic conversion can make the perfect home office or studio – your sanctuary at the top of the house, tucked away from interruptions from family or noise from the street outside.

For inspiration, why not check out the home office attic conversion ideas over on DigsDigs?

Whether you’re after a home office, a studio, a bedroom or simply an extra room for your home, if you’re ready to start planning your attic conversion contact us today at

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