New Home Viewing Procedure

To balance the health and safety of our teams with maintaining business continuity, we have been regularly reviewing and updating our working practices and guidelines in line with latest government advice and legislation.  The goal of these measures is to minimize direct contact that could spread the coronavirus (COVID-19) or any other pandemic outbreak in future.

In response to government guidelines issued on 11th May 2020, Barclay Firth have updated our New Home Viewing Procedure and our Site Risk Assessment accordingly.

The overall Site Risk Assessment document has a separate sheet specifically related to the Covid-19 pandemic and this is available for view upon request.

We have also taken steps to ensure compliance by providing a Site Check List, a self-declaration form for all visitors to site, improved site signage in key areas, increased cleaning rota’s and the provision of further wash facilities and hand sanitiser product on site.  All non-essential office staff are working from home.

The Site Check List outlines our current working practises, namely that all site team members and contractors should maintain a distance of 2 metres apart, that all delivery drivers should remain in their vehicles whilst goods are unloaded, that all visitors to site should sign a self-declaration document and that all essential meetings should take place outside or in a well ventilated area whilst maintaining the social distancing rules.

New Home viewings are still going ahead adhering to these guidelines.  

Please see the check list below BEFORE you visit site and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

It is our policy and expectation that ALL persons on site comply with immediate effect, whilst we move through Phase 1 of the UK Government’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy.

This policy document will be updated in line with new government guidelines as they become available.

Thank you for your understanding.

New House Viewing Procedure

New House Viewing Procedure

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