Barclay Firth New Homes supporting National Wildlife Day

We are thrilled to announce that we are supporting National Wildlife Day celebrations today!

This is one of several days focusing on endangered species, preservation, and conservation efforts around the World. And, you don’t have to be in America, the Australian outback, or the jungles further afield, to celebrate wildlife. There is plenty around us to be grateful for right here in the UK!

As wildlife relies on a stable habitat, repairing or replacing natural surroundings is vital to ensure that we do not destroy nature as we know it in our local areas.

Why is Barclay Firth, a luxury home builder, sharing this with you?

The answer is, we have a great love of nature and wildlife ourselves. We are proud to say we actively promote and contribute to sustaining wildlife and conservation on our own doorsteps.

We know that in clearing a site to build new homes we disturb local wildlife and can displace it.  We, therefore, take our responsibility to rebuild those natural habitats very seriously.

Construction Tree

We genuinely believe that your home should be a ‘retreat’ for you within as natural surroundings as we can create. So, we make sure that wildlife and nature are retained or restored within each of our developments.

In fact, we don’t simply plant seedling trees and open green areas within our developments.

We go way further than that!

Sustaining nature and complementing the countryside surroundings is one of the factors that underpins our choice of location for all Barclay Firth new homes and developments.

Our objective is to include native planting, extensive luxury style landscaping incorporating the existing mature surroundings, and to encourage local wildlife wherever we can within each new project.

We plant to retain the natural landscapes.

Street View Tree

In fact, one of our newest developments, Beech Gardens, was personally designed by our Architectural Designer, Michelle Gaffaney, to create ‘luxury living whilst complementing and supporting the environment around us.’

Beech Gardens for Conservation and Natural Habitat

This development is a perfect example of how Barclay Firth put our heart and soul into every step of our creation and planning.

Each new home within this development has been designed to include mature landscaped gardens, with a bird and bat box in each garden.

Bird Box

Then taking our love of nature and diverse natural habitat one step further, you will also see a large Insect House standing proud on the open communal area.

Insect House

Mature shrubbery and trees were preserved where ever possible and an additional 45+ trees were planted around the development to form a natural boundary and a tree-lined road within the private entrance.

Wildflower planting has been a key concept in communal areas too, and  used locally sourced and sustainable materials such as post and rail fencing between all new homes. This allows wildlife, such as rabbits, hedgehogs and even deer, to continue roaming in their ‘home’ space.

Plot 9a

We are even more proud to announce that our Beech Gardens Development has been shortlisted for ‘Residential Development of the Year, 2020’ partially down to our commitment to local planning, innovation and sustainability, which have always been ‘natural’ considerations for us.

So, if you and your family like nothing more than sitting outdoors first thing in the morning listening to the bird song, or relaxing on your terrace or balcony watching the sun go down, and catching a sneaky peak at the hedgehogs scampering through the undergrowth, then maybe a Barclay Firth home might be just for you!

Balcony View

Celebrate #NationalWildlifeDay with us and do your bit to protect nature and wildlife!

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